by on April 10, 2020
Lullabies and counting sheep are one way to get someone to go asleep, but one teenager soothes people to the land of nod by whispering, 'Hey babe!' Owen Dennis Riley, 17, is one of the Internet's most popular ASMR Boyfriends; a growing genre of content creators whose videos can put viewers into a relaxed sleep.  The Savannah, Georgia-native has turned his YouTube channel into a lucrative business, recently revealing that he earns $3 for every 1,000 views - impressive stuff when you consider some clips garner up to 8.5 million views each.  Meet your Internet boyfriend: Armed with just a microphone and his whispering voice, Owen Dennis Riley has become an ASMR sensation on YouTube  Soothing: The teenage content creator makes videos to help people nod off, and most of his viewers are females aged 18-24 Cute: The Georgia-native was inspired to create ASRM Boyfriend videos that were sweet rather than 'creepy' (as many in the popular genre are purported to be)  Riley, who goes by the moniker DennisASMR on the platform, recently told the New York Times, that he's never even had a girlfriend.  As he is home-schooled, he was simply looking for ways to pass time during downtime when he was bored.  'I thought it would be easy, and fun,' he said of his decision to try his hand at creating ASMR videos in April 2018. Plus, he also said he wanted to help people.  Fast forward to the present and his videos have been viewed over 68 million times collectively.  His decision to try his hand at being a virtual boyfriend was egged on by commentors on his popular uploads.  According to, a lot of the ASMR Boyfriends out there can veer into the creepy territory, with kissing sounds and inappropriate compliments/affirmations.  RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Student, 20, makes £45K a year by sharing clips of herself... Gwyneth Paltrow, ASMR star? Goop lifestyle guru goes... Share this article Share Caring: One of Riley's most popular video is his 'Boyfriend Cares For You While Sick' clip, which even involves him pretending to take your temperature  Whispering: All of the 17-year-old's videos involve him whispering at an audible level  'I thought I could do it in my own way,' he said. 'I come from a Christian background. I don't want to do anything that will affect my integrity, which is wholesome.'  In that vein, anything he creates, he makes sure it passes his own personal litmus test: would his mom approve?   
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