The comments by Gen. Ashfaq Kiyani, Pakistan's army chief, however, ルーレット were also a reflection of growing self confidence within the military, which increasingly recognizes its pivotal role in Mr. Obama's plan to stabilize Afghanistan. \u30d9\u30e9\u30b8\u30e7\u30f3\u30ab\u30b8\u30ce\u306e\u767b\u9332\u306730\u30c9\u30eb\u8cb0\u3048\u308b\u3010\u767b\u9332\u304b\u3089\u5165\u51fa\u91d1\u65b9\u6cd5 ...In the past week, U.S. officials, before and after the international conference on Afghanistan which was held in London, spoke of the beginning of a period of rehabilitation of Taliban militants who are prepared to lay down their arms in Afghanistan.
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