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by on April 12, 2020
The comments by Gen. Ashfaq Kiyani, Pakistan's army chief, however, were also a reflection of growing self confidence within the military, ‎パチンコ which increasingly recognizes its pivotal role in Mr. Obama's plan to stabilize Afghanistan. In the past week, U.S. officials, before and after the international conference on Afghanistan which was held in London, spoke of the beginning of a period of rehabilitation of Taliban militants who are prepared to lay down their arms in Afghanistan.
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by on April 12, 2020
The move by the United Nations last week to remove five former Taliban members from its official sanctions list reflects a growing belief by U.S. and international officials that some less-active leaders of the Afghan Taliban are no longer tightly linked to the al Qaeda network they sheltered before the terror attacks on the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. The decision anchors an Obama administration policy shift that would transform the Afghanistan war from a broad international conflict i...
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